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Signal 51 Group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports our local first responders in Caddo Parish. Our team is comprised of a dozen members and two of which are on call 24/7 when needed by Shreveport Fire Department. Both rehab members use their personal vehicles to respond to structure fires, woods fires and other emergencies bringing water and Powerade to the scene to support firefighters, EMTs and police officers.

Our team would like to have an official rehab trailer, much like larger fire departments where bringing dozens or hundreds of rehab supplies to the scene is necessary. 

What is a rehab trailer?

It provides everything you need to run a full scale firefighter rehabilitation operation and can be operational on-scene in just minutes. A firefighter needs rehabilitation after an large duration event such as a house fire where he/she needs to cool down and bring his/her health levels back to normal. (NFPA - 1584 Standard)

What is inside a rehab trailer?

Folding chairs, folding tables, folding benches, cooling fans, heaters, misters, ice chests, water, Powerade, coffee, hot chocolate, towels, generator, canopy, scene lights, and much more can be stowed inside.

How can you help?

Our mission is made possible through donations, in-kind or monetary, we appreciate it all! Our team needs any of the above items that we can store inside our rehab trailer.

How do you benefit from donation?

All donors that support our mission will have their name or company logo included on our graphics wrap for our rehab trailer in full color, with at least 10" x 5" provided for each donor. In addition we will frequently mention you or your company on our FaceBook page and other social media accounts. Our YouTube channels have over 9 MILLION combined views (Signal 51 & ZaffDoc). You will also be featured on our "Donors" page with a link to your website or FaceBook. Lastly, you will receive free advertisement on the side or rear of our rehab trailer showing your support for our group.

When is your event?

Glad you asked! Since we are a support group for our first responders we do not have a set date, it is whenever the call comes in, day or night, rain or shine, Signal 51 is there. Our rehab members respond to on average 250-300 calls per year.

 We are tax deductible, use our EIN: 20-4197571

Thank you!

*Below are photos of other fire department rehab trailers / scenes

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