Jerry Hope


Born - X XX, 19XX

Died - November 27, 2016

Jerry Hope served as the President of Signal 51 Group since 20XX. Hope was one of the primary rehab members of the group and had a huge passion for fire buffing. He volunteered his time at Caddo Parish Fire District # 6 in Kiethville, LA as FF and EMT.

Unit #: 51-02

Harvey Carter, Jr. M.D.


Born - December 13, 1928

Died - August 17, 2016

Harvey Carter, Jr. was our Secretary for Signal 51 Group. He has a huge passion for fire trucks and trains, both of which are displayed at his residence heavily. He was a co-founder of the group and has been the secretary ever since. He served as the IFBA Region 5 Vice President for 6 years and IFBA President from 1978-1979. Harvey also the President of Shreveport Firefighter's Museum has maintained the beauty of old fire engines and history for the department. Harvey has since passed away and will forever be in our hearts.

Mike Clikas


Born - March 12, 1970

Died - July 31, 2012

Mike Clikas served as a Member of Signal 51 Group. Mike had a passion for volunteering for the fire department and helping during special events.

Norman "Doc" Zaffater, Sr.


Born - January 31, 1933

Died - April 1, 2012

Norman "Doc" Zaffater, Sr. served as the President of Signal 51 Group since its creation in 1969. Doc was one of the founding members of the group and had a huge passion for fire buffing.

Unit #: 51-01

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