Funeral Services for FCO Karen Mackey

SHREVEPORT, LA - Funeral services for Shreveport Fire Department Communications Officer Karen Pilcher Mackey were held on Friday, March 22, 2019 at Centuries Memorial and Funeral Home on Mansfield Road at 10:30am. During the ceremony the chapel held family, friends and colleagues. Members from Shreveport Fire Department, Shreveport Police Department, Signal 51 Group, Caddo Parish Fire District 5, Caddo Parish Fire District 6, Life Air Rescue and other agencies could be seen in attendance. Burial was held on the south-east corner of the memorial grounds. During the burial ceremony the final call was announced by SFD Assistant Chief of Communications Tina Chambers and other fire communications officers. Three solemn rings of the bell followed. Taps were played by SFD Battalion Chief Michael Perser and followed by a fly over from Life Air Rescue. To conclude the ceremony "Amazing Grace" was performed by SFD EMS Officer Clarence Reese.

We are forever grateful for Karen's service and sacrifice to our community!

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